What are the GPLASTRA (Free GPL themes and plugins)

“GPLASTRA” is a free GPL themes and plugin sharing platform. The GPLASTRA was launched in 12-01-2024. In the GPLASTRA platform, you can access or download thousands of GPL themes and plugins for free. All files are available under the GNU (GPL) license system, which is also called an open-source license.

Why is GPLASTRA providing these files for free? Is there any bad intention behind it?

No, we don’t have any bad intentions behind it. We have active subscriptions to top GPL file selling websites such as Srmehranclub, GPLvault, Codecheap, etc. We download files from these websites for our client’s website work and our work as well. We also uploaded the same files to the GPLASTRA platform.

In 2024, we shared some files on our Website named “GPLAstra.site”. After a few days, more people visiting our Website and asked for other GPL files. We realized that these files are in high demand, and some people may not be able to afford them but still want to use them on their websites. So then we have launched “GPLASTRA.”

Are these files safe to use on our websites? Is there any risk involved?

There is no risk involved in downloading these files. They are obtained from highly trusted and reputable websites that sell GPL files. We have been using these platforms for almost 5 years and have never faced any problems. However, sometimes the original files may have bugs or vulnerabilities, which can cause issues. So, we always recommend you use the latest and updated files ASAP.

Before uploading any file, we always scan the file locally using Kaspersky, Norton, and Avira antivirus software to check for viruses. Some highly downloaded files require careful inspection, so we install them on our server and manually check all codes before uploading. For example, Elementor Pro, Rank Math Pro, Astra Theme, WP Rocket Plugin, and Newspaper Theme.

What is the GNU (GPL) license system?

The GNU General Public License (GPL) is a widely used free software license created by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) that guarantees users the freedom to use, study, modify, and distribute software. It is a copyleft license, which means that anyone who redistributes software under the GPL must also make the source code available under the same terms.

There are several versions of the GPL, with the most common being GPL version 2 (GPLv2) and GPL version 3 (GPLv3) Both versions ensure that users have the freedom to run, share, and modify the software. However, GPLv3 addresses some modern concerns not covered in GPLv2, such as software patents and digital rights management (DRM).

The key principles of the GNU GPL include:

  1. Freedom to Use: Users are free to run the software for any purpose.
  2. Freedom to Study: Users can access and study how the software works, giving them the opportunity to learn from it.
  3. Freedom to Modify: Users can modify the software to suit their needs or make improvements.
  4. Freedom to Distribute: Users can distribute coples of the software, either for free or for a fee, ensuring that others also have these freedoms.
  5. Copyleft: Any derivative work based on GPL-licensed software must also be released under the GPL, ensuring that the freedoms granted by the license are preserved.

The GPL aims to promote the concept of free software and prevent it from becoming proprietary, ensuring that the code remains open and accessible to everyone. Developers and users alike need to understand the implications and obligations that come with using or distributing software licensed under the GPL.

Final words or suggestions from “GPLASTRA.”

We created this platform with the aim of helping those who cannot afford the high prices of themes and plugins, especially in their blogging journey. However, we strongly recommend that if you can afford the price of themes and plugins, you should buy them with the key version from the developer. This not only enables the developer to keep updating the theme and plugin files, but also entitles you to receive support from the developer.

We provide these files for educational purposes only. Please use them responsibly. We are not liable for any misuse or mishandling of our files.