Bricks Builder v1.9.5 WP Theme For Free

Bricks Builder is an advanced, flexible and easy-to-use WordPress theme that allows you to create any type of website you want with a vast array of features, shortcodes and options. With Bricks, you can create stunning websites fast and easily, without having to learn coding or programming.

Bricks Builder

Core Features of Bricks Builder WP Theme

  • Visual Full Site Editing
  • Dynamic Data
  • Undo/Redo
  • Revisions
  • Customizable Save
  • Control Builder Acess
  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Edit Like A Document
  • Hover State Styles
  • Searchable controls
  • Pin Elements
  • structure View
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Preview Your Work
  • Create your own elements
  • Page Management
  • Fully Translatable & RTL

What’s New (Changelog) in Bricks Builder v1.9.5

Full changelog

  • Global Class ManagerNEW
  • Form element: New “Reply to email address” setting under “Confirmation email”NEW
  • Interactions: New “JavaScript (Function)” actionNEW
  • Nav Menu element: Support “Advanced menu property” (when used inside Dropdown element)NEW
  • New action: bricks/generate_css_file (fired when a CSS file is generated)NEW
  • Remote template: Name setting (shown in template source dropdown)NEW
  • Search element: New “Action URL” and “Additional Parameters” settingsNEW
  • Template Manager: Remember last selected template source (via localStorage)NEW
  • Template Manager: Remember ‘Import image’ setting (via localStorage)NEW
  • Builder: Inter font-weight is too bold (Safari)IMPROVE
  • Builder: Elements panel search lag (Firefox & Safari in WP6.4+)IMPROVE
  • Code element: Dedicated “Dynamic data” setting deprecatedIMPROVE
  • Form element: “tel” input style not RTL-conform (Chrome & Firefox)IMPROVE
  • Form submissions: Save in media library (file name, responsiveness, CSV export)IMPROVE
  • Comments element: Add ‘for’ attribute to labels for improved accessibilityIMPROVE
  • Display control: Add inline-flex option and free-text inputIMPROVE
  • Form element: Improve accessibility for radio and checkbox fieldsIMPROVE
  • Mini cart: Add aria-label to cart iconIMPROVE
  • Polylang: Show templates of all languages in the template managerIMPROVE
  • Post Content element: Load WordPress “global-styles” (if using on a Page and Edit With Bricks)IMPROVE
  • Posts element: Remove default margin & padding from filtersIMPROVE
  • Social Sharing & Social Icons: Rename Twitter to XIMPROVE
  • Social Sharing element: Ensure Pinterest link uses HTTPSIMPROVE
  • Theme Styles: Set “Entire site” condition if no other theme styles existIMPROVE
  • Updated: Vue.js and all other packages to the latest version (builder)IMPROVE
  • Coming Soon mode: Defined template not appliedFIX
  • Gradient: “Angle” control only shows when type is set to “Linear”FIX
  • Builder: Heading element text-decoration not visible on canvasFIX
  • Infinite scroll not working correctly if query uses certain DD valueFIX
  • Interactions: “Run only once” on a loop itemFIX
  • JetEngine: PHP warning on relationship type loop (set_loop_query)FIX
  • Maintenance mode: Don’t append “(Template)” as page title suffixFIX
  • Nav Menu: Deeper nested dropdowns active item not styledFIX
  • Page Settings: Custom CSS backslash gets removedFIX
  • Pagination: Always shows page 1 as the current page on homepage (if Polylang is activated)FIX
  • Pagination: Flip icon direction for RTLFIX
  • Search template: Products Total Results, Products Orderby, Products Pagination not showingFIX
  • Query Loop/Load more: Meta value returns 0FIX
  • Social Sharing: WhatsApp missing space after the titleFIX
  • Template Manager: Tag & bundle dropdowns wrong stacking (in Safari)FIX
  • Template: Page settings ‘Disable Header/Footer’ and body class don’t workFIX
  • Turnstile: Validation failed error after unsuccessful submissionFIX
  • Video element: Preview image shows after changing the source to dynamic dataFIX
  • WooCommerce: Login/Register “Show Password” icon alignment (in RTL)FIX
  • WooCommerce Product: Sale badge missing styles (in RTL)FIX
  • WooCommerce: Single Product Gallery zoom icon shows twice (in RTL)FIX
NameBricks Builder
TypeWP Theme
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In conclusion, Bricks emerges as a robust and user-friendly plugin for WordPress, bringing a fresh perspective to the world of visual page builders. Whether you’re a solo blogger, business owner, or developer, Bricks empowers you to design websites that stand out in both form and function. Explore the possibilities, unleash your creativity, and elevate your website-building experience with Bricks.

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