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WordPress Automatic Plugin is the premium version of the WP automatic and it will help you in starting auto-blogging. Many amazing features are added to this plugin. You can easily scrape content from various social, affiliate, and other sites. A spinner plugin is supported to spin the articles. Similarly, various API keys are supported to use functionalities from various tools. The download link is provided in the below section. While some of the basic info and features are discussed in detail in this article.

WordPress Automatic

WordPress Automatic is an outstanding WordPress plugin for auto-blogging that works as the best content scraper. This is an amazing plugin that allows you to automate your blogging just after the installation. It scraps the content from the internet and displays it as unique content on your site. 

The amazing plugin is being designed and developed by ValvePress and available for sale on the Codecanyon market. There are more than 20000+ active websites, that are using this awesome plugin and generating their revenue.

There are multiple options regarding scrapping of the content in WordPress Automatic Plugin. You can display the content from various sources to your site. The sources include Pinterest, eBay, Amazon Products, Youtube, Feed Posts, and much more. All of the jobs are done in an automated process. The thing you have to do is to create a campaign.

The plugin is provided with its own dashboard, within the Wp dashboard. You can simply run a campaign by following some easy steps. All you have to do is to configure your plugin, set keywords, campaign topic, and you are done. An auto-pilot mode will lead your site content publishing and start engaging the audience. The plugin is really helpful and changed the concept of classic blogging.

There are more than 20 campaign modes, which can be applied while going to scrap web content for your own site. It has enough power to catch content from almost all of the social media sites, affiliate sites, and even from the regular sites i.e news sites or magazine sites. Content could be spun by applying the best spinner API key to the plugin settings. Similarly, you can autopilot your affiliate site. Overall, you will find all of the deep tools and modules for an auto WordPress site in the plugin.

Core Features of WordPress Automatic WordPress Plugin

  • This plugin is designed to auto-pilot your blogging site and provide constant posting as per your campaign.
  • It has the ability to share articles from various different sites including social media sites, affiliate sites, and news sites. 
  • Support many software, tools, and Saas API key. It supports the API key for The Best Spinner, Amazon, Clickbank, eBay, EzineArticle, Flicker, and others. 
  • Not only to most common social media platforms but you can be able to scrape and share content from the sites like Youtube, iTunes, and Pinterest.
  • Fully compatible with Woo-commerce. You can create an auto-pilot website and list various products with relaxation and easiness.
  • In WordPress automatic plugin, you can limit and set the number of posts in each campaign. You can set, that how many posts, after how much time should be posted on your website. 
  • Cross languages support. It supports up to 52 different languages to create your blog while setting it on auto-pilot mode. 
  • You can set a manual for post structure and post template. However, there are multiple pre-build structures are available in the plugin to perform its function.
  • There are many of the other features including featured image selection, credit link, post filters, keywords placement, word replacement, and many others.

What’s New (Changelog) in WordPress Automatic v3.88.0

v3.88.0 (6 January 2024)
NEW: Dalle 3 support, now you can generate featured images using OpenAI Dalle 3
NEW: YouTube option to skip shorts
NEW: YouTube option to only import shorts
NEW: Option to disable fixing NoScript lazyloading images
Fix: TikTok is stuck when posting from a specific user when a gallery is found sorted

NameWordPress Automatic
TypeWordPress Plugin
Sale Pagehttps://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-automatic-plugin/1904470

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In the realm of website management, content automation is a valuable asset, and the WordPress Automatic Plugin stands out as a versatile solution. By streamlining the content fetching and posting process, it empowers website owners to maintain a dynamic online presence without the burden of manual content curation. As with any automation tool, responsible usage and strategic implementation are crucial to unlocking the full potential of the WordPress Automatic Plugin in enhancing content diversity, SEO optimization, and overall website efficiency.

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